Friday, June 19, 2009

New e-books

My last post was all about the latest books we've added to the library collection. Like they say on TV: that's not all--there's more!

Students, faculty and staff have access to over 50,000 electronic books through NetLibrary and Safari Books. Safari's collection focuses on technology topics--there are over 5,000 titles in there, so if you're interested in technology, take a look. (You'll need to sign in with your MyPVCC login if you're using it from off campus.)

NetLibrary's collection is much bigger than Safari's, and covers a wider variety of topics. The latest additions to NetLibrary are already in the catalog, so when you search for books in the Jessup Library Catalog, you'll see e-books and traditional books. You need a NetLibrary account to view the books from off campus; stop by the library the next time you're on campus, and we'll show you how to get an account.

NetLibrary's collection includes a lot of highly academic material that is appropriate for college-level research, but since it's summer time, let's take a look at some of the not-so-academic titles that have been added to NetLibrary. (To see the whole list, follow this link to the catalog.)
Stay tuned for highlights of specific titles.