Thursday, July 2, 2009

Meet the staff

Hello, my name is Laura, and I'm the technical services supervisor for the Jessup Library. My job involves getting the books that the library acquires to the shelves. That may sound simple but it's a rather involved job, as the books need to go through a lot of prepping before they get to come out of my area. I also help out at the front desk sometimes, answering research questions, or checking out books and materials or helping students with their computer woes.

I received my master's degree in library science in 2006, from Texas Woman's University. I was a distance student, doing most of my work online using Blackboard, and I plan to go on to obtain a PhD and would like to center my research on the role of libraries in distance education. I did my undergraduate degree at PVCC, where I obtained an associate degree in the liberal arts, and at Mary Baldwin College, where I graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in political science. At Mary Baldwin I was inducted into the Lambda of Virginia chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, secret handshake and all.

For several years before arriving in this area, I was a teacher of English as a second and foreign language. In Charlottesville, I have tutored foreign students, mainly from Asia and from Eastern Europe. Because of this, I always keep an eye out for books that are easy reads for beginners, both English speakers and foreign students.

Being a librarian, I like to read a lot. I very rarely read fiction but when I do, I favor classic sci fi, some horror, and Agatha Christie mysteries. I much prefer reading non-fiction, especially history, anthropology, and, for just plain fun, vegan cookery. When I'm not reading, I like to bake, write, work on my farm, spend time at a small online community and play with my five dogs.

So, stop by and say hi! I'm here to help you.