Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What I'm Reading Now...

"A New World Order," a review by Crystal Newell, circulation/access librarian

The Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria

The "world is flat" according to Thomas Friedman. In this changing political, economical and social environment, the United States' place as hegemon is in question. What are the exact forces contriving to make a post-American world? Who are the up-and-coming players on the world stage? Zakaria explores and answers these questions in a well thought out and easily understood way. He views the changing political stage as an opportunity for the United States. As China and India rise, the United States' place of power will inevitably shift, but we, as readers, have to ask if this is a bad thing.

After exploring a decidedly different take on history (Was the West really that influential; what about the East?), Zakaria describes how India and China have risen in recent years, both economically and politically. He also discusses how this affects the United States as the world shifts from unipolar to multipolar in terms of global power. In conclusion, he offers helpful tips to the United States as ways to ensure its future as a valued, powerful nation.

This book will assuage many fears and combat the notion that there can only be one superpower. This book is enlightening and thoroughly interesting, and a read that I would definitely recommend.

Zakaria is a journalist who writes for Newsweek; his areas of expertise include politics and foreign policy. For more information on Zakaria, take a look here.