Tuesday, October 13, 2009

National Information Literacy Awareness Month

Image courtesy of https://mellott.wikispaces.com/Information+Literacy.

The world is full of information, and the amount of information is increasing exponentially every day. Books, articles, newspapers, Web sites and blogs (not too mention the influx of tweets) bombard us with information; sometimes it is reliable and correct, sometimes it's not. The ability to locate, use and determine what is reliable and trustworthy is called information literacy. This skill is extremely important, both in college and in the workplace.

However, libraries are not the only institutions expounding the importance of information literacy. Even the president of the United States recognizes the need to be information literate. So much so that a proclamation was enacted on October 1. October has been declared National Information Literacy Awareness Month (as per this online press release).

If you are interested in becoming more information literate, consider taking an ITE 119/120 or CSC 110 class. The librarians at PVCC are also here to help. You're always welcome to schedule a one-on-one session with us.

Faculty, if you would like to read more about information literacy, take a look at the Association of College & Research Libraries' (ACRL) Web site. The ACRL gives standards for higher education as well as ways for faculty to incorporate information literacy into a class. The library also offers information literacy instruction. Simply sign up to bring your class to the library for instruction.