Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day: A History

Valentine's Day is this Sunday! Have you thought about what you'll be getting your sweetheart or loved one? Have you made special plans? Perhaps, while preparing for Valentine's Day, you wondered about its history, or maybe you're interested in finding out more about romance or love. If so, let us suggest a few sources to satiate your curiosity!

For history buffs:

For a history of Valentine's Day, check out the Stanford Storytelling Project (available through iTunes U).

Diane Ackerman explores A natural history of love in this book, while Martin Bergmann is on a quest to define what love is in The anatomy of loving: the story of man’s quest to know what love is.

Curious about the history of Valentine's Day cards? Check out the University of Indiana's A Flowering of Affection: Victorian Valentine Cards at the Lilly Library.

Bundling? What's that? Check out the Puritan custom as told on BackStory, with the American History Guys.

Modern day love and advice:

Are you and your sweetheart celebrating Valentine's Day from afar? Read up on how to keep your love alive in Maintaining long-distance and cross-residential relationships by Laura Stafford.

What do the modern-day man and woman expect from a relationship? This video, Women and men unglued: marriage and relationships in the 21st century, will explain all through candid interviews.

Does love have you confused? Try Conditions of love: the philosophy of intimacy by John Armstrong.

Too busy or tired for love? Joseph Bailey has some suggestions in Slowing down to the speed of love: how to create a deeper, more fulfilling relationship in a hurried world.