Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall into a good book!

Have you noticed how wonderful the weather's been the last few days? Finally, after many months of hot, humid days we're experiencing cooler temperatures, refreshing breezes and crisp mornings. I don't know about you, but there's something about fall that just screams hot tea, a cozy blanket and a good book. So curl up on the sofa this weekend with one of these:

The extraordinary power of the brain and its ability to perceive and understand sensual input is explored in See What I'm saying: The Extraordinary Powers of Our Five Senses by Lawrence D. Rosenblum.

Okay, admit it! You procrastinate...badly. Learn how to overcome this proclivity in The Procrastinator's Guide to Getting Things Done by Monica Ramirez Basco.

"Please" and "thank you" are great, but according to Lucinda Holdforth, they are also necessary for the functioning of society. Why Manners Matter: The Case for Civilized Behavior in a Barbarous World.

Strength and courage abound in this tome from renowned comic, Bill Cosby. Come on People: On the Path from Victims to Victors.

Families often sit down peacefully together for dinner. This mundane activity actually has great significance according to Martin Jones in Feast: Why Humans Share Food.

Economics is finally demystified (and a little underdressed) in Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science by Charles J. Wheelan.

Where does Prada and Gucci really come from? Find out in Where Am I Wearing?: A Global Tour to the Countries, Factories, and People That Make Our Clothes by Kelsey Timmerman.

Rebound quickly after losing your job with the tips in Make Job Loss Work for You: Get Over It and Get Your Career Back on Track by Richard S. Deems.

Stephen Davis provides practical tips for curbing cheating, an ever-increasing issue in schools around the country in Cheating in School: What We Know and What We can Do.

And finally, for something lighthearted and fun, try Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik (because I just love the title).

Of course this doesn't even begin to skim the surface of what we have available. More new reads can be found on the new books list and/or through the catalog. We hope to see you soon, and hopefully you'll check out a book or two. Have a great week!