Thursday, April 19, 2012

New books for the end of the semester

As the semester draws to a close and final exams loom, take a break from your hectic schedule and check out a book or two. We have a nice group of both academic and fun titles to entice you this go around. Here are some of the highlights:

For those of you doing research on Ernest Gaines, check out Conversations with Ernest Gaines.

Are you in the sonography or radiography program? Then maybe these will be of interest.
Ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology by Peter W. Callen
Ob/Gyn Sonography: An Illustrated Review by Marie De Lange 
Technology for Diagnostic Sonography by Wayne R. Hedrick
Clinical Guide to Ultrasonography by Charlotte Henningsen 
Sonography Principles and Instruments by Frederick W. Kremkau
Introduction to Vascular Scanning: A Guide for the Complete Beginner by Donald P. Ridgway
Introduction to Vascular Ultrasonography by William J. Zwiebel

I know students will be studying for the nursing boards soon. Make sure you're prepared with Mosby's Comprehensive Review of Nursing for the NCLEX-RN Examination by Patricia Mary Nugent.

Do you have writer's block? Are you lacking creativity? Then check out Unstuck: 52 Ways to Get (and Keep) Your Creativity Flowing at Home, at Work and in Your Studio by Noah Scalin. Or get a historical perspective with 30,000 Years of Art: The Story of Human Creativity Across Time and Space.

Given the heated Republican primaries and upcoming election, this book may be of interest: Third World America: How Our Politicians Are Abandoning Middle Class and Betraying the American Dream by Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington. 

This community art project has a noble mission, and you might just come away inspired. Learning to Love You More by Harrell Fletcher.

Our new books list has all the recent titles, but you can always search the catalog for more. Stop by and take a break from studying to check these great new books out. We look forward to seeing you!