Monday, July 29, 2013

Library Showcase: Last of the Summer Reading

The summer days grow inexorably shorter and shorter, and very soon another fall semester will be upon us. But before you dive into a new academic year, why not enjoy some light summer reading? We are showcasing some good fiction and non-fiction books to gently carry you through the end of the summer:


Banana: The Fate of the Fruit that Changed the World, by Dan Koeppel -- The banana: not as humble as you may have thought.

Cooking for One, by Mark Erickson and Lisa Erickson -- Dining alone is no reason to deprive yourself of a gourmet dinner. Bring out the candles and the soft music, too!

Cooking Secrets of the C.I.A., by the Culinary Institute of America -- What's cooking at the other C.I.A.

The Devil's Cup: a History of the World According to Coffee, by Stewart Lee Allen -- Are you a coffee lover? Then you will not be surprised at coffee's place in history.

Grand Slam: Bobby Jones, America, and the History of Golf, by Mark Frost -- In 1930, he won the Grand Slam of golf: all four major championships, and he became legend. Learn more about him.

The Naked Olympics, by Tony Perrottet -- Ah, those carefree days. Javelin throws, chariot races, all naked. Read all about it.

Spice: The History of a Temptation, by Jack Turner -- We take them for granted nowadays, but there was a time when spices were as coveted as gold, and symbols of power, wealth, and status.

Volunteer Vacations across America, by Sheryl Kayne -- Tired of the pool? Find volunteer opportunities that will take you all across the U.S.A.

The Year Without Summer: 1816 and the Volcano the Darkened the World and Changed History, by William K. Klingaman and Nicholas P. Klingaman.  -- Talk about climate change. In 1816, a volcanic eruption in Indonesia brought about a virtual apocalypse.


Bleachers, by John Grisham -- Relive the glory days of high school football.

Chocolat, by Joanne Harris -- Chocolate turns a town upside down.

Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James -- Ah, the ties that bind.

The Island, by Elin Hilderbrand -- Sisters, daughters, ex-lovers, broken engagements, and secrets: this is the very stuff of summer reading.

Memoirs of a Geisha, by Arthur Golden -- Step into a completely different culture this summer, and see the world through the eyes of a geisha.

Seven Mile Beach, by Tom Gilling - -The moral of this story? Do not lie.

Skipping Christmas, by John Grisham -- Skipping Christmas may not be as easy as you may think.

A Thousand Shades of Blue, by Robin Stevenson -- Not everyone enjoys a summer vacation...