Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Library Showcase: Cookbooks

October. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Before you know it, it will be the holiday season. Are you ready with your pots and pans? If you need ideas, or if you just like browsing cookbooks, the library has a very nice collection of them.  Some of our recommendations are below. If you would like to browse the rest of the cookbook collection, head to the TX section of the stacks.

Best of Flavors -- From the U.S. Foodservice, this book includes "recipes, trends, and ideas" that can help improve your food business or your homemade food. Includes lots of tasty recipes.

Classical Cooking the Modern Way -- A comprehensive book; provides information about all aspects of cooking, but focuses on learning the basic food preparation techniques (such as grilling, poaching, roasting, etc.). Includes a wealth of recipes.

Complete Photo Guide to Cake Decorating -- Warning: this book might cause uncontrollable drooling. It has beautiful photos of cake decorations and instructions on how to make them. 

Cooking for One -- Maybe you want to have a party by yourself. Maybe you don't want to share the good meals you make, because they're just too good. Maybe it's your alone evening. Whatever the reason, you can serve yourself a feast. This book contains wonderful recipes arranged by season. 

Feasts of Wine and Food -- Because a good meal deserves a good wine. This book contains both: information about wine and wine-food pairings, and recipes, from simple meals to elegant feasts.  

Flavors of Asia -- Learn how to cook delicious and elegant Asian foods, with recipes created by chefs from the Culinary Institute of America. Or just gaze lovingly at the beautiful photos. 

Perfect Match: Paring Delicious Recipes with Great Wine -- If wine is your favorite condiment, this book is for you.  It contains information about wines and how to pair them with different foods, plus many excellent recipes. 

Rodale's Soups and Salads: Cookbook and Kitchen Album -- Whether you're on a diet or just want to sample some really good soups and salads, this book is for you. There are almost 300 recipes, plus nutritional information, tips (for example, how to recognize top quality salad vegetables), and information about chefs.  

Simply Sensational Cookies -- You know you love cookies. Who doesn't? This book offers "easy, streamlined techniques" for baking cookies so delicious you may decide to keep them all for yourself. 

Slow Cooking -- If you have a slow cooker, you can load it with ingredients in the morning, turn it on, and come back after work to a fully cooked, hot meal. This book contains 100 recipes especially designed for the slow cooker. 

Spain and the World Table -- Another gem from the Culinary Institute of America, this book contains Spanish and Spain-inspired recipes created by their chefs. 

Techniques of Healthy Cooking -- If you are having trouble going through doors after eating all the wonderful food from the other books on this list, you may want to switch to this book, also from the Culinary Institute of America. You will learn about nutrition and about how to create healthy menus and recipes that can compete with the most decadent food in the world. 

Vegan Eats World -- Vegans can enjoy mouth-watering international foods, thanks to this book, which includes "250 international recipes for savoring the planet."