Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Introducing the Rosetta Stone!

Are you struggling with the speaking portion of a foreign language class? Do accents and pronunciations befuddle and bemuse you? Did you take a foreign language class in high school and then proceed to forget everything? Are you interested in traveling abroad and just want to be able to order food off of a menu while you’re there?

Then we have the perfect solution for you! The library is pleased announce access to the Rosetta Stone: This award-winning product has helped many people across the world learn and excel at new languages. And now you can too, with access to learning materials for 30 languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, and more!

The link above allows you to access the Rosetta Stone both on and off campus. If you are off campus, then you will be prompted to log in with your MyPVCC username and password first. Then you will either need to create a Rosetta Stone-specifc password, or log in with your previously created password. (You may use your MyPVCC email.) This will enable you to save your work as your progress through the modules. Once in, just click on Launch Rosetta Stone® Language Lessons Version 3.

I hope you take advantage of this wonderful resource. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Enjoy! Jouissez!