Thursday, September 3, 2015

Some friendly reminders...

Welcome back! It's the start of a new school year, and it's exciting to see lots of students back on campus and studying in the library. We wanted to remind you of a few policies that you may or may not have known about!
  • Your student ID is now required for checking out materials. This is a new policy starting this fall and is part of a college-wide initiative to encourage all PVCC personnel to carry their IDs with them. This is for your safety, and the library policy is to protect you from unauthorized users checking out materials on your account.
  • Classes will be using the renovated library classroom.  We are very excited about our new library classroom that has a lot more seating space for students to work! However, this room will continue to double as a classroom when professors bring their students to the library. We will always post a sign indicating the times that these classes will be arriving each day, so you can plan accordingly. As long as no classes are in there, you are free to use the room.
  • Individuals may not reserve the group study rooms online. The library has quiet study space throughout that individuals may use to study. The only place where student groups can collaborate in the library is the group study rooms. Individuals are free to use a study room when it's vacant, but we ask that you please not book the rooms online.
  • Talking on cell phones is prohibited in the library. Please take your phone calls outside, so you don't disturb the people around you that are working.
  • Lower your voice when you come in the library, and don't talk in the Quiet Zones. The only place where talking is allowed is in the front of the library (at the computers and at the desk) and the group study rooms. The Reading Room, the Library Classroom, and the back of the library are all quiet zones. Please respect your friends and peers who are trying to work. If you find that someone is being loud and distracting your studies, let us know at the front desk, and we will be happy to "shush" them.  
Thank you! We look forward to wonderful year.