Friday, August 26, 2016

The Betty Sue Jessup Library Experience, 3.0

It's the start of the semester, and here at the library, we have some big news. We've been busy over the summer, jettisoning bookshelves and defenestrating old computers (we wish), intent on creating a fresh experience for all our new and returning patrons. With the first week of classes nearly over and the library clear of construction tape, it's time to unveil Betty Sue Jessup Library 3.0:

The alcove, long a popular spot to catch Zs between classes, has been renovated. It now includes comfortable seating -- to save you the pain of sitting on a footstool with only two working wheels -- and whiteboards for experimenting with your inner Picasso. Please remember that is an area for quiet study, so be sure to take your conversations up front. But should you need a nap, go ahead -- we won't tell! (We've been here all day too.)

Keep an eye on the announcement TV to stay up-to-date on library happenings. No longer a glorified clock, the TV will keep you informed on a variety of topics, from news and policies to fun facts, book recs, and when and where to get your copy of PVCC's Fall 2016 One Book, The Circle by Dave Eggers.

Best of all, the days of staring at a blank, blue screen while waiting ten minutes to log into your student account are gone. Our new, sleek PCs are faster, equipped with Windows 10 and Office 2016, and come with bigger screens. Thank you so much to everyone in the IT department for installing them! The good folk over there have done an enormous amount of work on our behalf, upgrading all our laptops to Windows 10 and networking our copiers so that laptop users can now print to both. (Rejoice, everyone who got sick of waiting in line at Library Copier #2!)

Our homepage has undergone some changes as well. We've streamlined your experience, listing the most frequented links, library hours, and adding an RSS feed to a column on the right. And with a redesigned page that takes you step by step through the process of delving into our databases and finding books and articles, researching is easier than ever. Don't forget to check our playbooks, that provide tips on completing assignments and doing research for a range of classes.

So drop by the library -- whether you're looking for study space, an internet connection, research help, or a comfortable time out between classes, we have it all. We hope to see you soon!