Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Charge on the Go

Is your phone dead? Your charger safely ensconced at home? Has every friend, acquaintance, and random stranger you've turned to for help turned up empty-handed? (Or handed you an Apple charger when you needed one for Android and assured you it would probably fit? Shun these people; they are not of this world.) There's good news: the library is here to help. We heard your mournful cries, and we now lend phone chargers!

Two Belkin phone chargers, one for Android and one for Apple phones
Don't worry - we have more than two

We have chargers for both Android and Apple, all of which are in-library use only. All we need to check it out to you is a student ID. So whether you're in emergency mode or want to top off your battery while you study, we've got you covered.