Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Noise in the Library

This recent series of posts is an attempt to address the concerns mentioned by you in the student survey. Today's topic is noise in the library, particularly the noise level in the window lounge.

The library is often the only place in the College to study quietly, and some people need absolute quiet to study. We have noticed that noise levels are a constant complaint among those who are trying to study in the back of the library. Although the library has large tables in the window lounge, this area is not conducive to group study. Talking at a normal tone of voice or even whispering can distract others.

If you need group study space, please use one of our five study rooms. A group may sign up for these rooms in the white binder at the front of the circulation desk. These rooms can be reserved for up to three hours. Also, always be sure to check for open study rooms as groups often do not show up. After 20 minutes, the group forfeits the room. You may then sign up for that time slot.

Individuals may use the group study rooms; groups take priority over individuals, however. You also do not need to sign up in the white binder.

And we are always here to help. If something is distracting you or if a group is talking too loudly, please let us know. We will be glad to handle the situation. We want the library to be a pleasant and stress-free study space. Never be afraid to ask for assistance!